Dear Friend,

Do you ever find yourself gravitating towards the same styles, cuts, patterns and colours over and over again?

I do….I find myself typing in the same key words into the etsy search bar…this can be a bad thing if one is not restrained. One of my biggest problems when it comes to etsy ‘dream shopping’ (as I call it) is that I find myself magnetically drawn to party dresses.

If I had my way I would wear nothing but chiffon, taffeta, silk, velvet and angora everyday….or perhaps a tutu for less dressy days! Wouldn’t it nice to be able to dress as if you are off to a tea party, dinner dance or ball everyday?

Alas, this is not reality…at least not my reality anyway.

I have found far too many party dresses making there way into my etsy “heart” listings…I have too many party dresses and just not enough parties!

 So I have decided to share a few of the divine lovelies that are currently hanging in my etsy dream wardrobe in this post.

This dress is probably something I could get away with for a nice day dress….but for the price tag-$245, plus postage- it would have to be a party dress.

1950's champagne sheer rose dress silk

Similarly, I could probably get away with this dress for a nice dinner-for $304, plus postage!

black rose silk dress

This amazing dress would be perfect for a bride that didn’t want to wear white or ivory.

1950s taffetacocktail dress starburst

Anyone off to a dinner dance soon? This soft green taffeta dress with sparkling sash to the rear would be divine.

green prom dress 2

aqua prom dress

I am sorely tempted to buy this dress in velvet and tulle as it comes with its original matching bolero jacket. It is as little long for me, but that could be remedied.

velvet dress

Again, I lament, too many beautiful party dresses and not enough parties!


Princess Pin Curls