Dear Friend,

This weekend Melbourne hosted the fab Love Vintage Fair-I look forward to this fair all year long. It is always the biggest, has the most and best dealers and is held in the ultimate vintage location- The Exhibition Buildings. The only draw back is that the old building is freezing-despite the many heaters dotted around the place. So, rugged up and raring to go Princess Karen, the Darling Girl and I hit the stalls.


Not only is the fair a great place to shop (window shopping or actual purchasing)it’s also the best place to people watch too. I always love to admire and  occasionally covet fellow vintage girls outfits…but this cooler weather brings out true vintage style. There were several well dressed ladies in 1940’s woollen suits and one young gal completed her two tone blue suit with the best example of a V-for victory pin I have ever seen. There was a splattering of 1920’s and 30’s in the crowds (Gatsby influence no doubt) the how-to-1920’s hair workshops on centre stage were very popular too. It was so nice to see more and more women dressing in vintage for these events- finding their own vintage style and eras- Mum’s and daughters alike enjoying the excuse to glam up!

The winter fairs tend to bring out the true collectors who purchase those high ticket items and so the dealers bring their most precious pieces and designer labels. I drooled over one stall which had a whole rack of Lilli Ann suits and coats….devastatingly beautiful and equally devastatingly priced. I am determined that next year will be my year of Lilli Ann and that I will have lost the inches and found the dollars to ‘invest’ in my first piece.

It was a great opportunity to see, meet and chat fellow vintage bloggers and even some readers (so surreal and nice to be recognised as Princess Pin Curls and told that they liked my blog). It was particularly great to meet the FAB Helga from Helga Von Trollop over from NZ on hols- although I felt even shorter than normal (and that was in my highest of high heels!).

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I had wanted to wear one of my ‘new’ party dresses- a yummy black taffeta dress with pink and black velvet flocked posies all over it- but it was simply too cold. In the end I settled for my tan suede coat with fox fur collar


and this hat from the Fabulous 40’s and 50’s (from their stall in the Vintage Garage) which I bought way back in Spring.



Saucer hats frame the face so well.

I think I needed different earrings, but I just didn’t have anything else that
worked…the hunt is now on for something in tortoise shell.


These are modern reproduction heels from Mimco. I adore two-tone shoes, but these are
all the more special because they have a tortoiseshell heel.


This bag black patent back with amber Lucite clasp was a birthday gift, picked especially to go back with the shoes. I love having sets it makes it so much easier to look co-ordinated!


Always the astute buyer, the Darling Girl bought the biggest travel case I have ever seen…for the bargain price of $45!


It was great for stashing all our buys in at the end of the day, although very bulky to carry!


It has its original timber re-enforcements and ocean passage stickers on it-Lloyd Triestino is an old European passenger liner company. Judging by the Italian”bagagliaio” sticker I am guessing that this extremely large trunk was used to bring all the worldly goods of an Italian immigrant to Australia.

I really should have taken pickies of the fair and glamorous gals but quite frankly I was having too much fun to think of it.


Princess Pin Curls