Dear Friend,

This blog is devoted to all the yummy fripperies that I bought on the weekend at Love Vintage.

I’d like to say that I bought a sensible woollen or gabardine dress to see me through the long, long Melbourne winter…but that would be a fib.

What I did buy was another hat from the Fabulous 40’s and 50’s (the one I wore to the fair was also from them). I have been after a black velvet 1950’s hat for a while now…and still ‘need’ a saucer style one.


and this pink net lovely with tiny rose buds and large pink rose petal leaves

pink rose bud hat

vintage millenery rose buds and leaves

and this cream Lily of the Valley hat…which is a total dream. The tulle is in perfect condition and the Lily of the Valleys are so dainty.

Lily of the valley saucer hat 50's

lily of the valley vintage

…and another sheer, floral, party dress.

1950's rose print dress

It’s a semi-sheer, whisper thin, meringuing dress that I won’t be able to wear for at least 5 months…but she is very bonny!



I did also purchase a very snuggly 50’s beaded sweater.

1950's beaded sweater

beaded 50's cardigan

I think is going to be one of my winter wardrobe staples over the coming months.

There is also the promise of one more treasure to come, it’s a long full skirted black coat.


I couldn’t bring home with me on the day…I’d dashed my cash. But it’s safely tucked away on lay-by at The Vintage Emporium and I will pick her up in a couple of weeks.


Princess Pin Curls