Dear Friend,

Just a note and a few pickies to show off the cardi that I bought at the vintage show.


I decided to wear it with my camel coloured wool skirt (a bargain that I picked up on etsy) to give it a 1950’s woollen knotted suit look. I would really love a 1950’s fitted knitted suit, but they just aren’t as flattering on me as a properly tailored skirt and sweater combo….but if you are interested in seeing a fabulous example of how to wear them check out Bubble over at Fintage– AMAZING!

I am loving it to death and have worn out to dinner as well as work (these pickies are all from the day I wore it into work).



I bought this 1950-60’s charm bracelet a couple of months back- ain’t it purty!

There’s something so nice about a chunky bracelet with lovely baubles upon it…I love how it jangles all day long. 056 and these rather large pearl-ish earrings (I have another pair which are similar-but much larger-2 inches in diameter)


I bought these Filippo Raphael shoes on sale for the bargain sum of $19 a year or so ago-the sale assistant said no one wanted the bronze colour as it wasn’t on trend. People have rocks in their head…I find it the best colour to wear with chocolate and  autumn coloured outfits….and they’re shiny, got to love shiny!


Am I the only one that changes my hair-style a million times a day?

This is the style I switched to at lunchtime.


This vintage three part mirror is excellent for teaching patients how to put in/take out contact lenses…and also great for checking hair and lippy!


Princess Pin Curls