Dear Friend,

I love to wear pink, it’s the ultimate girly colour and have quite a bit of it in my Spring/Summer wardrobe. It’s slightly harder to work into a winter wardrobe- something about the colour lends itself to soft fabrics such as silk, cotton and rather than the heavy wools needed in Melbourne. So, you can imagine my delight when I found this pink woollen tweed skirt in a thrift store (way back in February) for $10.


When I got home that Summer afternoon I smugly showed the Darling Girl my fabulous find. Her only comment was “that’s a Dolores Umbridge skirt Mum”- shock and disbelief ensued!

Was it an Umbridge skirt?


As you can see, the answer was yes.

But I had to keep it….look at the yummy fabric;


and cute inverted pocket detail


Drastic action had to be taken in regards to reshaping and styling this skirt so that I could wear it without looking like a 40-something spinster. I changed the cut of the skirt from an A-line to a more fitted wiggle style, and team it back with dark colours…thus avoid the dreaded Dolores pastel pink look.



With a few amethyst and maroon accessories I think it passes as a pretty cute tweed wiggle skirt.




I have also worn it with a fitted maroon twin set…so warm and snuggly on those chilly days we’ve been having.



Princess Pin Curls