Dear Friend,

Winter is well and truly here is Melbourne town. I’m terribly envious of all you Northern Hemisphere gals who are gadding about in summer dresses and frippery.

It’s cold and dreary and I have a head-cold.

Which means that I am hibernating, baking and sewing (in between sniffles and naps on the couch). All of this inactivity is taking their toll upon my waistline and the last couple of weeks has seen 1/2 a kilo creep back on- shock, gasp, horror!

Regular readers know that I have been on a ‘reducing regime’ for some time now, with the goal of achieving a 30 inch waist. Over the last six months or so I have lost 9 kilos and dropped one and a half dress sizes by eating smaller portions and less rubbish (most of the time)…but it’s so hard to be good when there are so many yummy treats to eat….like these AMAZING Missiissipi Mud Cupcakes with marshmallow frosting.


The cupcakes themselves are wonderfully moist, without being overly heavy or rich- they are made with dark chocolate, toasted pecan meal, coffee and Swiss pressed cocoa powder. The marshmallow frosting, however, is the real star of this recipe…so light, so fluffy and yet not too sweet.

I wish I could give everyone of you a tiny taste!


 I baked them using a recipe from this beautiful book,that I got for Mother’s Day…it has other wonderful recipes like Champagne Cake that I’m dying to attempt.


Despite these recent transgressions, I am proud to say that I have finally gotten into this red wool wiggle skirt that I thrifted late last Winter.


Throughout my Reducing Regime this skirt has been my barometer as to have I have been going. When I first bought it the zipper wouldn’t shut at all (it stopped 2 inches from the top) and I have tried it on almost weekly over the last year to test how my waist was going and to stay motivated.


Although it’s not a true vintage piece, I think it has 50’s wiggle skirt look and it’s made of pure wool, which I love the feel of. It was originally from a shop called Katie’s which (as Maria over at Vintage Suburbia wrote) ‘used to make good quality wardrobe staples, but now just makes ill fitting clothes’…so, so true.

I wanted to give my skirt a sweater set look so I wore it back with a modern repro cardi from Princess Highway.


and my ‘fakelite’ (faux bakelite) bangles


I’ve never tried wearing brown and tan with red before, but I must say the combo kinda works!


Princess Pin Curls