Dear Friend,

Since starting my new job I have far less spare time than I used to. I now work 3 1/2 days a week (the same as before) but they are longer days and they are all in a row. Granted, my work is now far easier…I get to sit a desk all day and play secretary;


but I leave home earlier and I get home a lot later. Up until recently I worked what one of my friends called ‘ladies hours’ ie. only school hours. The longer days leave me with far less energy and time for faffing about. I used to have time to get ready leisurely in the mornings and take a few outfit shots.

make up

Now I have to get two teen children up and ready for school, myself for work and we all have to leave by 8.00…my mornings now look more like this;


I used to have time to do things at a leisurely pace…I used to do one load of washing a day, one dinner per night and clean my whole house at one time. Now, I allocate one day a week to bake and cook with gusto, making extra dinners and snacks for the days I’m working.


It all sounds rather laborious, and it has taken me a while to perfect this new regime, but it has made me a far better home manager and I can accomplish far more, in far less time.

 So now that I’ve got my household schedule in order I have turned my attention to streamlining my IT life…and that’s where bloglovin’ comes in.


I have heard other bloggers chat about it from time to time and seen how many of you guys read my blog through it…but never really investigated it before now. I signed up the other day and I am a complete convert!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with bloglovin’ it is a website that allows you to see all your favourite blogs in one place. You list the blogs you wish to follow then as they publish a new post it is automatically added to your bloglovin’ newsfeed.

I used to spend ages individually opening each of my favourite blogs, sometimes to discover that there was no new post there- boo hoo!

Now it’s all there at the click of one button-hoorah!

I wholeheartedly encourage all of you to give it a go as it has saved me mega time and given me mega enjoyment.


Princess Pin Curls

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