Dear Friend,

Over the last couple of weeks quite a few people have commented on my change in shape. Not all of this change is due to weight loss, a lot of it is down to having the right vintage lingerie. I am currently re-stocking my lingerie drawer with vintage (or vintage repro) items. So I thought I would share my experiences with you guys in a series called Re-Vamping my lingerie Drawer- which started with Over-Wire Bras– and continues today with 1950’s Bustiers.


Bustiers are, essentially, a heavily boned long line strapless bras. They have a fan like shape when laid open flat and because they are strapless they rely on boning and the powermesh to lift and shape the bust. They need to be quite a bit smaller than the measurements of the wearer because they are made from quite stretchy fabric.

Today I am going to chat about my foray into the vintage (real vintage, not reproduction) bustiers.

I bought these two bustiers from Vintage Stew on etsy;


They are both Lady Marlene brand-Size 36B.

One is a very low back deadstock piece;



with beautiful pleated edge to the cups;


The second one has a medium height back;


When selecting a vintage bustier you need to choose one that is a minimum of 4 inches less than your actual waist size. Even though these bustiers are the same brand and size they differ quite a bit in actual size and fit. The low-back one measures quite a bit smaller in inches but is actually far bigger when worn (and it is the deadstock one, so it hasn’t stretched). This is because the base band is very soft and stretchy ;


Whereas the other bustier has re-enforcement and non stretch fabric right down to the base of the bustier-so there is no stretch in the waistband at all;


My waistline naturally measures 31.5inches, wearing these bustiers reduces it by nearly 2 inches;


I have been wearing these in place of a bra for the last couple of weeks and have found the shape transformation amazing. Not only do they reduce my measurements they also give me killer curves…well maybe not killer curves, but curves none the less;


I would not be able to achieve this hourglass shape without a bustier. It pulls me in right under the bustline, nips in my waist and gives the illusion of a much smaller waist and a much larger, elevated bust. I have a few modern bustiers that are far prettier than these ones, but they just don’t work in the same way. I am a convert and will be ordering myself a few more as soon as they crop up on etsy in my size.

The only problem with a bustier is that it stops at your waistline, and doesn’t pull in the lower tummy. If you were to wear briefs alone with a bustier you would have quite an unseemly bulge around the lower waist and hips. Which takes me to my next instalment in the series, Girdles.


Princess Pin Curls