Dear Friend,

A few weeks ago I went down to Tyabb to pick up a lay-by (a beautiful ‘New Look’ style winter coat).

I swore that I was not going to buy anything else that day…but that was before I found this rose bedecked woollen dress.




It was love at first sight! Besides, it would plug a gap in my Winter work wardrobe.

It is made of the softest rose pink wool with divine satin roses gracing the bodice.


The roses were all in good condition and the fabric had worn beautifully (with the exception of a few tiny holes). 043


I was prepared to overlook a few minor blemishes because it was such a pretty dress and it had its original matching belt which is a rarity.

It has the most beautifully cut and detailed pattern to the bodice, giving it an almost bullet shape.


It must have been owned by quite a short lady, as I nearly always have to shorten the bodice on dresses, but this one fit like a glove. I was so happy as it would require no alterations-but then I discovered the stitching was loose in several spots. Sometimes the  cotton thread used to hold vintage garments together can be brittle, even though the fabric itself is fine. So I decided In order to unpick and re-stitch the dress to avoid embarrassing seam splitting and subsequent bodily exposure! This took the better part of an afternoon…so much for no sewing!


This special dress needed a special headpiece, but all my hats seemed too heavy- besides, I couldn’t wear a hat at work. One evening I chanced upon this headband in one of my dress up boxes and found it matched perfectly.


I am ashamed to say that I own many, many hair pieces like this that I find myself buying and not wearing… but I can’t resist them! I bought this one at the Alannah Hill outlet a couple of years ago and found it just too big to wear in my everyday hair.

I was determined to make it work so I removed one of the roses from the headband and wired it onto a separate hair pin so that there wouldn’t be too much at the front. I then constructed this high up-do to coset and frame the soft, blousy blooms, making them look comparatively smaller.


I was really happy with the combination…although I did get quite a few stares and second glances at work the day I wore it. One patient even asked me if I was going to a party!


Princess Pin Curls