Dear Friend,

One of the nice things about my new job is that I now have every second Sunday completely free to sleep in and chill out…or get up insanely early and go to the Camberwell Market.


Once you’re up and out the door it’s a great morning of sunshine and shopping. Previously we had to arrive at the crack of dawn, do a quick scoot around the stalls and then I have to head off to work…but now I’m a lady of leisure, we are able to go at a leisurely pace and really soak up the atmosphere.

It’s the best place to be, whether you want to buy fresh flowers


or quirky homewares


or just mooch around, sipping coffee and nibbling on hot jam doughnuts.

There is always a selection of buskers at the market (most of them of little talent) but occasionally there are some really great people. This guy played his own one man band- a la Bert in Mary Poppins- and wearing very dapper clothes. His tunes and singing were reminiscent of the late 1930’s in…very, very cool!


Now, onto my purchases, I bought this beautiful lemonade set (jug and six glasses) with gold rims and birdies for the bargain sum of $20!


I have wanted a lemonade set for quite sometime to mix up my most beloved summer drinky-poos Pimms & Lemonade. If you aren’t familiar with this tipple I suggest you acquaint yourself with it ASAP. It is the ultimate refreshment drink, it should definitely be made by the jug and must contain orange and cucumber slices and fresh mint. This drink has become a firm summer favourite with all of us since then and is oft concocted for special occasions…but I digress.

Check out the pretty birdies


My biggest bargain over the last couple of weeks was a late 50’s bronze taffeta dress- with it’s original belt.


Which I found scrunched up in a bargain box-for $5! I read of other people finding such treasures but have never chanced upon such a find myself before. I didn’t try it on, I just bought it, thinking if it didn’t fit I knew a few other gals who’d love it. It has to be taken up (everything I buy has to be taken up) and needs a good wash and iron but it fit like a glove. Serendipity.

I also bought these insanely big pink earrings, I have only just started getting it rather large earrings (I used to be scarred big earrings were too over the top) but since I have started wearing them I love them.


 These ones will hereafter be known as my mermaid earrings. I think I’m going to have to make a dress to go with them- it shall not be a mermaid dress though. I’m thinking a beautiful floral dress with a halter-neck and winged bust.

Hope you are all well!


Princess Pin Curls