Dear Friend,

I made this skirt some months back…and for some reason never got around to posting about it.


The inspiration for this skirt came from the ‘new age’ graphic prints that featured in this great 1950’s fabric design book (to see all the fabulous fabrics click here).


I’m normally a floral gal when it comes to full circle skirt/dress but wanted to try something new as part of my new 50’s winter wardrobe. I wanted a light coloured patterned skirt because most of my winter skirts are dark colours and I miss slighter colours in winter time.

Although I wanted a bold, striking print I still wanted the skirt to look girly…lucky for me I found this heavy stretch cotton in soft yummy pink, white and grey with splashes of black in the squiggly pattern.

030 030

I made the skirt by using the bottom half of one of my dress patterns and just added a waistband that was stiffened with heavy interfacing.


I had wanted my skirt to have pockets as per the original skirt but they just looked wrong, no matter how I placed them the patterns clashed so I had to leave them off.


I love it so much and have been wearing it work a fair a bit of late. It has been quite the talking point with patients-the crinoline perhaps?


One older lady told me that she used to wear skirts just like it in her youth and that I must love “that Place to Call Home show that’s on Channel 7″. To which I responded with “Yes, yes I do indeed.”


Princess Pin Curls