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Mad Men Season 6 left me wanting more…I wanted more to happen to our favourite characters, I wanted the pace to move faster and I wanted to see more of my beloved Joanie. Even when we did see her, her outfits just weren’t up to their usual standards…I’m not blaming her, I blame the imminent approach of the 1970’s.

In the first 3 season we see Joanie wearing strong block colours. Lots of red, blues, purples and greens- which made her looks strong, sexy and slightly fast. In Season 4 and 5 we see a softer side to Joanie with lots of muted florals, more feminine prints-very womanly and slightly maternal…less sexual, but still very, very sexy.

joanie floral dress joanie red floral dressroger-joan-mad-men_610 joans-black-rose-dress

That’s not to say that she shied away from strong colours altogether. These three dresses below pack quite a colour punch.

joan pink dress mad men



I personally love Joanie in a good floral and have spent many hours trawling through etsy over the last year or so in search for a few Joanie dresses of my own.

Many of the dresses I’ve found were too small or too pricey for me-sigh! But I thought you might like to see some true Joanie floral dresses that are actually available for sale of etsy right now. Although they do all look quite different they all have some common elements. They all have fairly high necklines that are either boat neck or small V-neck in shape, they all have nipped waists and often have a waterfall, peplum, rouching or bow detailing.

This dress is similar to one she wore in Season 3 (I think) but I could not find a picture of it anywhere on the internet

joan dress 6

I nearly cried tears of blood when I discovered this dress was too small for me

joan dress 5

look at the beautiful bow to the back…

joan red rose dress back

 I adore this lovely full blown rose dress in pink too

joan dress 9

The rouched waistline and semi bow are such stylish details on this dress

joan dress 4

and this one has a slightly higher (not quite empire) waistline with more subtle rouching

??????????  These two below have the most beautiful, faded florals that have an almost Autumnal feel to them- and wonderful waist detailing- swoon!

joan dress floral


 green floral joan dress


Whereas the poppy fabric in this dress is a bit of a stronger pattern

joan poppy dress

I’m glad to say that after much trawling I have managed to purchase a few floral ‘Joanie’ dresses of my own and I’ll share them with you soon. Hopefully you’ve found this post inspirational and are all heading off to find your own Joanie floral dress.


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