Another Joanie (Joan Holloway/Harris) dress has arrived on my doorstep-hoorah!


I popped this early 60’s dress on my etsy watching list several months back- I just loved the colours and pattern. It had a lovely fabric, the size was pretty good and the price/postage was very fair. I hesitated buying it because the photograph of it was not particularly nor flattering to the shape…sometimes I’ve gambled on items like this and they have turned out to be duds-poorly shaped, ill fitting or just plain matronly.

I forgot all about this dress and it slipped further and further back in my treasury listing (page 19 I think). Until I saw it one evening when I was tidying up my etsy wishlists.

It was highlighted as on sale (1/2 price no less)…and came to less than $40 including postage.

So, of course I bought it.

I’m so glad I did.

It’s made from a very soft cotton and the cut is very good. The only draw back is that it’s missing it’s original belt and it’s a tad too long. I intend to remedy these two problems simultaneously by taking up the hem and using the fabric to make a self covered belt…when I get a chance.

In the mean time I intend to wear it as-is because it has fabulous turn back pockets


and this jaunty tie


and a wonderful portrait collar


I attempted a bit of a free form version of Joanie hair-but my hair had other ideas and decided to go flop-bot instead.


This 1960’s brooch and earring set is one of my favourite by Sarah Coventry. I love how their shape echoes the swirly, abstract floral pattern in the dress.


I’m just loving purple at the moment…so much so that I have even donned some purple shadow on my bow-beeps.

I was going to publish my Joanie Jewellery blog post this week…but family life has been super hectic…so it will have to wait until next week.


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