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This post is going to be dedicated to the beautiful Joanie’s jewellery- as part of my Dressing Like Joanie series

When I first started collecting late 50’s and early 60’s jewellery I found it quite hard to sort out the originals from the more modern reproductions. Over time I learned to look for certain brands and I was helped further by watching (and pausing) episodes of Mad Men. I was especially taken by Joanie’s pieces and started to hunt similar jewellery on etsy by using descriptions such as “gold star brooch 60’s”…but this only went so far…I started to learn the names of all the popular costume jewellery brands of the time. If you are looking for good quality, well priced costume jewellery pieces look out for names such as Sarah Coventry (also known as Sarah Cov at one point), Trifari, Napier, Monet, Coro and less expensive, mass produced Avon. Most of Joanie’s jewellery is high quality costume jewellery and come from these brands and are easy to pick up for very reasonable prices on etsy.

When I think of Joanie the first thing that comes to mind (apart from her huge boobies) is her trademark necklace with it’s gold pen dangling from it.


She does where it quite a bit throughout all the season…but not so much after becoming a partner. I wonder if this is a subtle way of shaking of her role as “Head of Client Services” role- which was just a glorified term for head secretary? Or because she just grew tired of it?

Chatelaine pencils were originally worn by Victorian women on a chatelaine chain which was fastened to the ladies to the belt and then placed in her pocket. The chain would also have other objects like keys and/or a pocket watch attached to them. They were often made of gold or silver and highly decorated examples were a symbol of status. Throughout the 1950-60’s they were popularised again as a piece of costume jewellery and worn around the neck on a long chain. There are a few examples on etsy but they come and go quite quickly- this one has been listed for a while though

joanie pencil

One of my favourite costume jewellery brand from the period is Sarah Coventry and Joanie often wears brooch and earring sets from this brand;



this rather large swirly circle brooch and earring set is another example of Sarah Coventry jewellery.


I have both these sets and they are always admired when I wear them…they are so striking and bold…and very, very large.

If you like Joanie’s softer, more feminine look- like in these photos


joanie floral dress

then maybe you should check out this Sarah Coventry set on etsy

joanie brooch set 4

or this delicate set on etsy by Coro

joanie jewellery

or more streamline floral looks like this;


sets like this Trifari one can be found on etsy;

trifari brroch

or this unsigned set

unsigned set

But if flowers aren’t your thing you could try a classic starburst earring and brooch set;


this Sarah Coventry example can be found on etsy for roughly $25;

joanie star brooch set Swirly brooches were very common throughout the 1950-60’s and Joanie has a fine collection


like this set by Trifari again available on etsy

joanie brooch and earrings set

Sometimes Joanie likes to mix and match her sets as she is in the photo below


The brooch above is very similar to this one by Monet which is available on etsy;

joanie brroch set 2

which couls have been paired with earrings like these from Trifari;

trifari earrings

As far as bracelets go Joanie wears mostly chunky bracelets in the first few series


this Napier bracelet is a good example of what can be picked up on etsy for under $28;

napier cuff bracelt

or these Trifari examples

trifari bracelet

leaf bracelet

in later seasons we see Joanie wearing charm bracelets in metal and coloured plastic forms;

This Napier bracelet is a classic bracelet with fun tassels

joanie napier bracelt

or this Monet bracelet with baubles dangling off it

monet bracelet

My imagination runs wild as I scroll through etsy and see lots of jewellery that could be Joanie jeweller… even though I’ve never seen her wearing them…yet anyways.

I could see Joanie possessing a bracelet and necklace set like this one that has an interchangeable tassel;

joanie necklace with tassel

or dangly evening earrings like these Trifari ones;

triafri earrings

One piece of jewellery that I always wanted Joanie to wear was a ‘J’ brooch. The other name whilst looking for the perfect ‘S’ brooch for myself I stumble upon this classic ‘J’ and thought it was definitely meant for her.


What else do you imagine her wearing…or what Joanie jewellery do you have?


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