Dear Friend,

I’m super excited to be participating in the


I started their last Vintage Sewing Challenge some months back (which was entitled Sewing for Victory) but my project was a little too ambitious, I ran out of time and fell into despair. The main problem was bad pattern selectionI promise that I shan’t make the same mistake again. So this time I am using my tried and tested circle skirt pattern (it is actually the lower half of a dress pattern) and has I’ve used it several times before.

I bought this wonderfully soft, fine cotton (Made in Japan)fabric a few weeks ago at the Spotlight clearance sale for only $3.85p/m…


I know, BAR-GAIN!

I think circle skirts are the best way to show off a great novelty print . There’s no pleating or rouching to hide the pattern and the simple lines stop the pattern from being too overpowering.

 circle skirt

I would normally just cut this skirt as 2 semi-circular pieces and join them together at the sides…but if do that with this fabric my skirt will look like this racing car skirt;

circle skirt 2

I know it still looks super cool…but it would drive me crazy having cars going all higglety-piggelty all over my skirt. I am a bit of a stickler for matching patterns…matching joining seams and matching the way the pattern flows when cutting pieces.

So I will have to get a bit creative when it comes to cutting this skirt.

Are any of you lovely ladies taking up the Vintage Sewing Challenge…and if so do tell what you are going to make.


Princess Pin Curls