Dear Friend,

My daughter (HUGE Sherlock fan) insisted on the title for this post…Sherlock fans will get the title of this post… I wasn’t trying to be cute-promise!

Many of you will have noticed that have been having a bit of a blogger’s break over the last few months. I was having a bit a sabbatical from the online world.

I had heaps on my plate last year, with the change of work and two teenage children to run around after and by the end of the year I was running out of steam. I found it hard to find the time to write and take pickies and put in the effort required to keep up with blog posts here…and didn’t want to continue in a half hearted manner.

Hopefully you guys understand and will pop back now and then to read…I’m going to try to post regularly with all my former gusto.

So, what have I been doing over the last six months?

Reading, reading and more reading.

Picnicking, going to the theatre, watching LARPING* in the park and catching up on heaps of T.V series….especially re-watching those precious few Sherlock episodes produced (UK version of course).

I had three weeks of pure, unadulterated holiday relaxation of the Christmas/New Year break and now feel re-charged and ready to go again. Thankyou to everyone who has dropped me a line to see if I’m ok and if I had abandoned Princess Pin Curls for good.

I thought I would pick up from where I left off in 2013 by showing you my completed hot air balloon skirt.

I had to abandon the circle skirt pattern as I just couldn’t abide wonky balloons flying all over the place in a mish-mash of directions;


Instead I elected to make the skirt in a simple pleat style. The effect is a lot less dramatic than a full circle…but my wardrobe does need a few more casual skirts (for dress-down days. It looks best with a plain fitted top or tee…which is a bummer because I have a few two tone cardi’s that I had intended to wear with, but they just looked wrong.


As you can see I’m experimenting with a bit of a parred down 60’s hair do here- moderately successful. 056 051

I didn’t line the skirt at all, because it is supposed to be casual day cotton number I thought it would be much cooler with just one layer. It’s perfect for this ghastly hot weather we’ve been having here- we had three days last week of 44 degrees Celsius (111 Fahrenheit for my U.S readers).

Hope you’ve all been well and had a lovely festive season.

xx Princess Pin Curls

* LARPING stands for Live Action Roll Play and is hilarious to watch. It involves dressing up as you favourite fantasy character and joining in mock battles with bad ass replica weapons (which are purchased from LARPing online shop, yes there are whole shops devoted to these outfits and weapons). Think characters from Lord of the Rings fighting dudes from Assassin’s Creed and the like…way cool and dorky all at the same time.