Dear Friend,

I fell in love with a 1960’s charm bracelet on etsy and few months back which appeared to be a lovely electric blue in the photos. I had wanted a nice mid blue colour to match a skirt at the time and it was just right the right shade…in the photo. When I received it I was horrified to find it much paler;


I probably could have sent it back, but I did like the shape of the star burst charms which matched one Sarah Coventry sets- so I decided to keep it (but did rouse on the etsy seller for poor colour representation).

Now I had to find something to wear with it, the obvious match was a dress in a duck egg-come-skyblue colour…not so easy to find on etsy or in the flesh either.

Then, one Sunday morning, I saw the exact fabric poking out of a $5 bargain box at the Camberwell Markets. I reached into the box to free it from the tangled mess of other clothes only to see it was a very poorly cut 1960’s jacket. I began to put it back when the seller told me there was a dress in the same fabric “in there somewhere”.

I dug some more and found this mod-style 1960’s dress;


It’s not my favorite cut but I loved the colour and texture of the fabric so much and it matched my bracelet so well that I bought it…but not the boxy jacket.



As a bonus it still had it’s matching belt. The bow detail stops this very plain dress from being too boring.


I was a bit stumped for what colour shoes and bag to put with this dress, black was too heavy and cream didn’t work so I went caramel and tan.


Have any of you bought outfits to go with accessories?


Princess Pin Curls