Dear Friend,

My most treasured item in my wardrobe is my kitten skirt.


I bought it in Tyabb early last year and it is by far my favorite thing to wear. If I’m ever feeling a bit blue or want to feel super girly I wear my kitten skirt, and it never fails to impress young and old alike. This skirt started life as a 1950’s curtain… I can only imagine how amazing these would have looked in a little girls bedroom-swoon!

On my next visit to Tyabb I found that my kitten fabric wasn’t the only novelty curtains to come out of that house. There was a set of pirate themed curtains…in a little brother’s room perhaps?


So, that meant these two fabrics were siblings.

So, of course, I bought the fabric.

I was more than happy to re-unite these long lost pretties and let them live side-by-side in my wardrobe.

I made up my pirate skirt in the same basic pleat style skirt, but slightly less full…after all this skirt had to be slightly less girly, being such a boyish fabric.



I’m very glad that I bought all the curtain panels as I used heaps of fabric in pattern matching….I hate it when the patterns don’t match at seams!


Not only does this fabric have pirate ships, we have all manner of nautical pictures like light houses, fish and lots and lots of maritime rope.



All that rope inspired me to edge of the skirt with this natty chocolate trim that looks like rope… I love themed trims.


This skirt has also given me the chance to use some of my chunkier bracelets-yay!


I’ve worn it on two different occasions already with two different bangle combos.


Princess Pin Curls