Dear Friend,

Do you ever find the most wonderful item on etsy,  only to discover it’s  beyond the realms of possibility for you to own?

I know you have.

If you have answered ‘no’ you are fibbing.

I often find the most amazing things only to be cheated when I read the fine print and discover that they would never work for me….it may be a skirt or dress that is 2 inches too small, or those shoes (that will complete me) are going to be way too big- yes I have feet that are, at times, too small for some vintage shoes!

These items still end up in my etsy ‘heart’ box( despite their unsuitability).

I think that these treasures deserve better that sitting in my imaginary wardrobe. So I have decide to share them here for your oohh’s and ahhh’s…and, who knows, you may find one that is just right for you.

I’ve been searching for some basic wiggle skirts with pocket details for the coming winter (yes, I know it’s very sad to be longingly thinking of winter clothes already). I found these beautiful stand outs that were a taddly-toodly too small for me. 

This skirt has such a soft green colour and fab arrow pocket details was a

mint green skirt


and this skirt with bow and original belt

navy skirt with bows


These were quite crushing disappointments…but not heart breaking. The following novelty skirts DID break my heart though.

This terribly kitsch skirt may have even motivated me take up sport….but it turned out to be a child’s size…probably a good thing as I’m really not sure I had the co-ordination for badmitton!

If you have a 23 inch waist, and are rather short, this would be a bargain at

tennis skirt


You all know how much I’m loving pirate themes at the moment….this skirt was half way into my cart before I read the waist measurements.

pirate skirt 2

pirate skirt


and this Washington skirt had the most amazing muted colours and smudgy effect

usa skirt


These were all great disappointments but none of them compare to the items that were  TRAGICALLY unsuitable for me.

The two items below are my idea of  ballerina print heaven.

 Sometimes ballerina prints are very swishy washy but this skirt with it’s brighter colours is magic…and look at the waist band detail!!!!

ballerina skirt

(this skirt has sold since I started writing this post)

In other shattered ballerina dreams we have this 1940’s 2 piece rayon set…the peplum blouse would fit me exactly, but the skirt was 2 inches too small. I contemplated buying it and altering the waist band by inserting a small black rayon dart but I didn’t want to desecrate such a beautiful set-sigh!

1940's rayon dress


I just love matching dress and jacket combo’s, so I was blown away by this dress with a sweater in trimmed in the same fabric. It must have taken so ling to applique that floral fabric in place.

floral dress and cardi set


Lastly, we have an evening dream of supreme yumminess.

This red dress was my ideal 1950’s prom dress, it had red velvet and tuille with flowers all over the winged bustand a frothy, full skirt;

red tuille and velevt


It was a particular shame as I’ve always wanted an 1950’s prom dress. Many of the ones I come across can be a little young for me, I tend to pick more mature, pared down evening dresses. I really do pine for a real meringue style dress but it is so rare that one has all the froth and frippery (that they are known for) that suits me.

To add insult to injury, it came with a matching velvet shoulder wrap that attaches to the dress, converting it to a sleeved dress.

I hope you have enjoyed this peek into my little box of etsy disappointments, hopefully you’ve enjoyed perusing these pretties.


Princess Pin Curls