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Regular readers will know about my love affair with Joanie’s wardrobe- and remember my Dressing Like Joanie series from last year. So far I have only bought floral and abstract dresses in her style…but Joanie often wears great dresses that are block colours with great brooch and earring combos.

So I thought it was about time I tracked down a plain Joanie dress. It had to have a nipped waist, generous hips and a wide neckline to fit in with Joanie’s style.

I had originally wanted one in a blue, red or green but I could never find one in my size so I opted for this black one.


the neck line scoops nicely at the back too 602

I wish we had a desk to do a classic Joanie leaning shot…this is the closest we had at home.


There is an old fashioned real estate agent down the road from work that  is decked out in original 1960’s style. I’m talking faux wood panelled partitions, brown and tan decor (all coated in about 50 years worth of smoke). It would be the perfect place to get a few Sterling Cooper shots in this outfit.

I would have loved to get some pickies in there but I would freak out the receptionist if I asked if I could.I suspect she has been part of the decor herself since the 60’s…and still smokes at her desk!!!

I love the wide neckline, but it does necessitate a strapless bustier….but you really need to wear a dress like this with a bustier and girdle (or waist cincher) to get those Joanie killer curves.


and bow detail to the waist



I love Sarah Coventry sets and this brooch and earring combo is my favourite….Joanie has the same one and has worn it back with plain dresses numerous times.


You can’t see it that well in the pickies but I’m also wearing a Sarah Coventry 60’s charm bracelet with pearl locket. 


I don’t normally find bargains on etsy, but this dress is an exception.

I bought this dress which is in great condition for the princely sum of $42 (including delivery from the U.S)-


Do any of you have sections of your wardrobe inspired by characters from your fav shows?


Princess Pin Curls