Dear Friend,

Before I start this post I would like to say that these photos were taken on this cardi’s maiden voyage. These photos made it glaringly apparent that it needed a safety pin added (for modesty’s sake) and one was added for departing for the day. I think I’m going to stitch it shut before I wear it again.

I bought this Revival cardi from Dangerfield a few months back

The minute I spotted it I knew it was coming home with me.



Cardi- Revival (Dangerfield)

Skirt, Earrings and Necklace- Thrift

Bracelet- Hunibee (etsy)


I have grandiose dreams of making a dice/Las Vegas themed circle skirt to go with it….and even found the perfect fabric on etsy, but I have so many sewing projects on the back burner at the moment that I resisted. IMG_2785 IMG_2784

In the interim I had Ariel from Hunibee make me a cherry and dice bracelet to match.  It’s really well made and makes a lovely tinkle, tinkle sound when wearing. The cherries and leaves are made of glass. The only bummer is that the dice aren’t actual size, they are a little smaller.


It matches my my red glass earrings and necklace perfectly.


I’ve been dying to wear it but decided to wait for the bracelet to arrive.

I’m so glad I did, it just made the outfit complete.


Princess Pin Curls

P.S- If your wondering why my hair looks so short it’s because I’ve taken to popping it up in a hair net at the back a la snood style. It helps to keep my straggling hairs in check and looks quite 40’s style.