Dear Friend,

I’ve long been an admirer of 1950’s hand painted Mexican skirts-and have been deterred by their price tags for almost as long. Not that I wouldn’t part with some serious cash if I found one that I lurved in my size. A quick trawl through etsy will show you a sea of gorgeous skirts in 24-26 inch waists-sigh!

So you will understand why I was mega impressed to find this modern repro for sale in a junk shop near work.

IMG_2854 (1012x1012) IMG_2848

I saw it hanging in the window when I was on the way to the bank, but kept walking because it looked too small for me…it is so hard to gauge the size of something hanging over a metre above your head…but I kept thinking about it whilst I was in line.

So, without much hope, I stopped by the shop on the way back to work and had the poor owner drag it off the ceiling and out of the window.

I was very impressed when it fit and even further impressed when he said I could have it for a fiver!


Skirt- Roman’s Junk Shop (yes, that really is it’s name)

Cardi- Thrift (My Mum found it for me, with it’s original tags on it still)

This cardi is another thrifty find and I love it to bits. The silvery beads are just what was needed to match the silver sequins on the skirt.


Finding thrifty bargain is a rarity for me these days. In my last job as a rep I was able to flit in and out of thrift stores on a daily basis between calls and picked up some great vintage bargains.


Princess Pin Curls