Dear Friend,

This weekend I caught up with a few bloggery, vintagey gals in town for the opening night of Helgastock 2014.

I’d like to say that I took lots of pickies and was a good blogger but I’m terrible at doing this .

I had a splederific time and was terribly chuffed to meet lots of beautifully clad gals (and guys) such as Cat of Audrey Scarlett, Sarah of Misfits Vintage, Claire of Stitching Purple Blooms, Carli of Kondalicious and the event’s namesake Nettie of Helga Von Trollop.

I did get a few pickies before I left and since I NE-VER glam up and go into town I thought I better share.





Dress- Tyabb Vintage Emporium

Shoes- Filippo Raphael

Bag- Thrifted

Fur- Thrifted

Earrings- Camberwell Market

I bought this dress last year and gave been itching to wear it. Thefabric is so yum, so shimery and so slinky…but it’s too much for day time, so it had to wait a while for an outing.


I know a lot of peeps don’t like fur….but seriously how can you stay mad at this


and my purse of total bling-i-nation

IMG_3100 IMG_3102

and pearly hugey earrings


and (not vintage) coppery italian leather shoes

IMG_3105Thank you for my divine goodie bag of beautiful vintagey treats like hair nets, a zipper puller and lavender lovely lingerie bag (which I’m seriously thinking of turning into a cushion) which is way too pretty to sit in a drawer!



Hope you all have a fab week and Happy Helga stock girlies.